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SafePark is a program that allows homeless people, including students at our local colleges, to park their cars safely overnight so that they can get some sleep without the threat of theft or violence. 

The Rotating Safe Car Park (RSCP) program is going to be hosted again starting June 1. As in last year, we will host the program at the WestHope Presbyterian Church facility on 12850 Saratoga Ave in Saratoga.

Bearing in mind the safety of all involved – both our volunteers and guests, we have adapted the program with guidelines to allow us to provide the support for our guests while keeping all healthy. In particular, we will not offer this year indoors hospitality space, limit access to equipment and supply to gloved & masked volunteers and make sure that  precooked food is reheated in the microwave oven before handing it to our guests. All exchanges with our guests are done across a table while maintaining the required social distancing. 

We are very well aware that many of our volunteers are at the high-risk group and would rather not engage even in that limited contact with our guests. Still, we can use your help with cooking meals and dropping them off and helping to coordinate the program online from home. So please sign-up to help with those tasks that you feel comfortable doing.

The need to be so careful in the way that we operate the program requires that each volunteer be fully trained in the operating procedures and familiar with the location of all food, cleaning and disinfecting supplies. As such we are looking for a small team of volunteers that is willing to commit to one shift a week (4 shifts in all). You can choose to work with a trusted partner or on your own. The morning shifts are 7:30-8:30am (except Saturday) and the evening shifts are 7:30-8:30pm.

The sign-up seeks to fulfill shifts for the first week only, but lease note that by signing up for a shift you are actually volunteering to do the same shift for the 4 weeks*

Last but not least, we can use extra funds. During these difficult times our guests rely more heavily on the food that we provide them. We also have extra expenses due to the needs to keep higher standards of sanitation.  If you would like to help us with a small (or even bigger :)) donation – you can donate to Beth David general fund and indicate that the money is intended for the RSCP program.

I would like to conclude with recognition of how helpful and supportive you have been to the program in past years  and how much we are relying on that continued ongoing support. THANK YOU! (תודה רבה)

Stay safe and healthy,
Rivka ShenhavRSCP CoordinatorCongregation Beth David

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