Rotating Safe Car Parking Program (Safe-Park)

Rotating Safe Car Parking Program (Safe-Park)

Beth David’s TIkkun Olam Team is pleased to participate in the Saratoga RSCP program. Project Chair: Rivka Shenhav

What is the RSCP (Rotating Safe Car Park) Program?

(Rivka’s blurb that you had before):There are 28,000 homeless people in the Bay Area and the main cause for their dire situation is the severe shortage of affordable housing. While this shortage problem needs to be solved, any solution will take a few years. In the meanwhile, it is our moral responsibility to offer needed help to alleviate the difficulties of their lives.  

The high costs of rental in the Bay Area has pushed many people to live in their cars. That includes students attending local community colleges and people that have a regular job locally, but do not earn enough to live in the Bay Area and are unwilling to move to a place that will require a few hour drive to their job and back. As the number of car dwellers has soared in recent years, many cities in California have turned to offering car dwellers Safe Car Parks where they can safely park overnight without being harassed by either police or neighbors.

Last year, Saratoga joined the list of cities that changed their code to allow for operating a Safe Car Park program in church and local community college parking lots. The program is administered by a coalition of faith organizations in the city, that open their parking lot for overnight parking (7pm – 8am) and offer basic hosting services to the guests in the program.

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How to help

Each month the program is hosted by another faith community. Please check out their sign up sheets to see if you can help that month:

August 2019
Menlo Church (20455 Herriman Ave,) in Saratoga. 
Sign up to help

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