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No. 98, May 8, 2019 
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Urge your members of Congress to cosponsor anti-BDS resolution. AIPAC is urging members of the House and Senate to oppose the BDS movement, which is anti-Israel, anti-peace, and damaging to American interests. Visit this page to make your voice heard. View House co-sponsors here and Senate co-sponsors here.
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Israel remembers and celebrates. The period sometimes called “Israel’s new high holidays” began Wednesday night, May 1 with Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Martyr’s and Heroes’ Remembrance Day. The country remembers that we can never forget. Places of public entertainment are closed by law. Israeli television airs Holocaust documentaries and Holocaust-related talk shows, and low-key songs are played on the radio. At 10:00 Thursday morning, an air raid siren sounds throughout the country and Israelis observe two minutes of solemn reflection.  A week later, on Yom Hazikaron the country will honor more than 23,000 soldiers and civilians who fell defending Israel. A list of related events and ceremonies in Jerusalem ishere.  Then, as the country reaches nightfall, the country transitions from agony to joy for Yom HaAtzmaut. Israel at age 71 is prouder and stronger than ever. A list of events around Jerusalem for Yom HaAtzmaut can be seen here.

Escalation on Gaza border. Gaza-based terrorists launched over 700 rockets at Israeli cities and towns throughout south since Saturday morning, firing mainly at civilian targets. 4 Israelis were killed, the highest daily death toll since 2014, and more than 200 were injured. More than 200,000 children stayed home from school amid rocket fire.  In response to the attacks, IDF has carried out hundreds of attacks against terror infrastructure in the Gaza Strip, including training and weapons manufacturing compounds, a Hamas naval compound and headquarters, and a terror tunnel that ran from Gaza into Israel. Palestinian officials said an Egyptian-mediated ceasefire agreement was reached with Israel on Monday to end a recent surge of border violence.

Israel reaches another milestone as population crosses 9 million. The number of Jews stood at 6,738,500, or 74.8%.

Israel’s Arab soldiers. “We are there to protect Israel’s border communities and deal with any threats that may arise,” says Lt.-Col. Nader Eyada! , commander of a unique IDF unitcomposed of Muslims and Christians from Arab communities.
Iran appoints new IRGC commander who aims to “annihilate” Israel. Iran announced that Maj.-Gen. Hossein Salami would be promoted as the next head of the Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), replacing Maj.-Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari. Salami was the architect of a massive buildup in Iran’s advanced ballistic missiles that he bragged are capable of “annihilating” Israel.
Palestinians on verge of financial collapse. The Palestinian Authority is facing imminent financial collapse over its refusal on principle to accept any tax revenues from Israel, and its dire call for help to the Arab world is mostly going unheeded. PA refused to take tax revenues from Israel after Israeli decision to withhold the sum of money that the PA gives monthly to terrorists in Israeli jails and their family members.
Israeli minister condemns Sanders’ remarks on “racist” Netanyahu government. An Israeli cabinet minister condemned U.S. Democratic Party presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders for describing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government as racist over its treatment of Palestinians. Sanders said he was “100 percent pro-Israel”, but Israel “is now run by a right-wing, dare I say, racist government”.
Netanyahu: San Diego attack ‘blow to Jewish nation’s heart’. The prime ministercondemned the anti-Semitic attack in a California synagogue, which left a 60-year-old woman dead and three others wounded, calling it “a blow to the Jewish nation’s heart,” while Israeli president said the attack is a reminder that hatred of Jews is alive and well all around the world.
Culture and Lifestyle
A Jew, a Muslim and a Christian walk into a classroom. No, this is not the start of a joke, but a most accurate description of a unique course on interreligious dialogue at Israel’s Bar-Ilan University. This Jewish-Arab interreligious dialogue course brings together students of all backgrounds for a joint journey of discovery and acceptance.

Israel’s Ashram wins 2 gold and 2 bronze. At this year’s second Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup in Sofia, Israel’s Linoy Ashram won gold medals with the hoops and the clubs. She also won bronze medals in the ball and the ribbon events. 

10 top reasons to visit Tel Aviv in 2019. Tel Aviv is a fabulous city, and 2019 promises to be a particularly fabulous year for it. Important milestones, cultural events and all-round amazingness make the seaside city a must-see this year. Here are the top picks for what to do and enjoy.
Science and Technology
Made in Israel: Intel launches most powerful processor yet. American technology giant Intel Corp launched its “most powerful generation” of laptop processors to date, designed by itsHaifa-based development center. The 9th Gen Intel Core mobile H-series processors are aimed at gamers and video graphics creators, boasting up to 33% better overall performance compared with a three-year old PC.

Israelis take giant leap toward creating human embryos. While it sounds like the stuff of science fiction, researchers in Israel recently made major discoveries related to stem cell growth that are leading to the creation of entire human embryos outside the body, without the need for sperm and eggs.
In Depth
The West Bank’s Area C: Israel’s eastern line of defenseThis study explores the strategic-military implications of the establishment of a Palestinian state along the pre-June 1967 lines. Its central thesis is that the creation of such a state, on the heels of the IDF’s total withdrawal from the West Bank, will not only deprive Israel of defensible borders but will almost certainly lead to the advent of a terrorist entity like the one created in Gaza. 

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