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No. 90, December 26, 2018 
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Inside Israel
IDF uncovered four attack tunnel dug from Lebanon into Israel. The Israel Defense Forces uncovered four cross-border attack tunnels that penetrated Israeli territory from southern Lebanon.  Israel accused the Lebanese Army of cover up of Hezbollah activities and the UN forces on the Lebanese border with Israel of not working to fulfill its mandate in the region

Sharp escalation in shooting, stoning, firebombing terror attacks in Judea & Samaria. Over past weeks, three Israelis — including a three-day-old infant — have died and more than a dozen have been wounded as a result of a spate of Palestinian attacks in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) and Jerusalem. In addition to the spike in terror shooting attacks there has also been a sharp escalation in stoning and other terrorist attacks against Israeli vehicles in Judea and Samaria.

Police arrest four Jewish teens for ‘price tag’ attack in northern Israel. Police arrestedfour Israeli teenagers suspected of slashing tires and drawing hate slogans on homes in the northern Israeli Arab town of Yafia, near Nazareth. Mosques, churches, dovish Israeli groups and even Israeli military bases have been targeted by such nationalist vandals in recent years.

The social revolution of Arab women in IsraelThe status of Arab women in Israel is improving significantly. 15% of students in higher education are Arab women, even though the proportion of Arab women among the general population is only 10%. In fact, the number of female Arab students in higher education has doubled since the beginning of 2000. As a result, women in Arab society are much more educated than men.

Winter is here: Israel hit by thunder, lightning and floods. Israelis found themselves in the center of a stormy period, as heavy showers accompanied by thunderstorms and strong winds hit last week. There were fears of flooding in the eastern parts of the country and in the Negev Desert. Heavy rains in the north brought welcome news for the Sea of Galilee, one of Israel’s main water sources.

Australia recognizes West Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Australia officially recognizedWest Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said, but a contentious embassy shift from Tel Aviv will not occur until a peace settlement is achieved. While the embassy move is delayed, Morrison said his government will establish a defense and trade office in Jerusalem and will also start looking for an appropriate site for the embassy.

University of California chancellors condemn Israel boycott. All ten chancellors in the University of California system have reaffirmed their opposition to the academic boycott of Israel. The boycott of Israeli universities and scholars “poses a direct and serious threat to the academic freedom of our students and faculty,” as well as to the free exchange of ideas and perspectives on campus, the statement said.

Russia, Israel “cooperating closely” again after downing of Russian plane. The Israeli and Russian militaries are cooperating closely again following the downing of a Russian intelligence plane by Syrian antiaircraft fire in September, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said, and  he hopes cooperation will continue “in a way that does not endanger the lives of Russian soldiers…and in a way that ensures the security of Israel.”

Poll shows Hamas leader would win Palestinian elections. Terror group’s leader Ismail Haniyeh would triumph over Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in both Gaza and the West Bank, if elections were held today, according to a recent public poll.  55% of Palestinians oppose and 43% support the concept of the two-state solution. 44% think that armed struggle is the most effective means of establishing a Palestinian state. If a Palestinian state is established, 68% want it to be armed with heavy weapons, such as tanks and an air force.

WATCH: Israeli NGO transforms Africa with vaccines and water technologies. Israeli NGO “Innovation: Africa” has carried out over 200 technology projects across Africa, improving the lives of at least one million people, from Senegal to Malawi. Find out how Israeli innovation and know-how are helping communities throughout Africa.

Culture and Lifestyle
12 reasons Eilat is a fabulous place to visit. Eilat, Israel’s resort-town oasis built on desert land, is a bit like Las Vegas minus the casinos. With the new Ramon Airport scheduled to open soon, Israel’s southern resort is now more than ever a mecca of an unexpectedly wide range of experiences and activities.

Festive support for Israeli Christians. As every year, the Jerusalem municipality distributed free Christmas trees to Jerusalem’s Christian residents. Israel’s KKL-JNF distributed trees to residents in Northern Israel. Israel also authorized hundreds of Gaza’s Christians to visit Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Nazareth.

Archeologists discover remains of Sodom. Archaeologists excavating Tall el-Hammam (now in Jordan) say it was the Biblical city of Sodom, destroyed some 3,700 years ago. Its 100-foot-thick, 50-feet-high walls were shattered by an immensely strong directional shock wave from a mid-air meteorite explosion followed by intense fires.

Science and Technology
Israel’s Aleph Farms unveils “world’s first” lab-grown, slaughter-free steak. Israeli clean meat company Aleph Farms has officially unveiled the first slaughter-free steak grown from animal cells to deliver “the full experience of meat with the appearance, shape, and texture of beef cuts,” the company revealed, essentially announcing what it says is the first prototype of lab-grown steak in the world. Aleph Farms says its 3D technology enables it to mimic traditional cuts of beef in both structure and texture, but without beef’s huge environmental impact.

Israeli medical Imaging startup makes TIME Magazine’s list of Genius Companies. Aidoc is saving lives through medical imaging. It applies proprietary artificial intelligence to the millions of images generated every year by CT scans in order to catch serious issues before a human radiologist even has a chance to review the results. Aidoc is now used in 50 medical institutions in the U.S. and Europe, as well as in Sheba Medical Center in Israel.

Israeli technology makes London buses safer. London bus operator, Abellio, launched a trial in October on 66 of its buses of Israeli collision-avoidance technology from Mobileye (now part of Intel).  Findings to date show it has reduced avoidable collisions by 29% and reduced injuries from such collisions by 60%.

UK army deploys Rafael’s Drone Dome at Gatwick airport. The British army hasdeployed an anti-drone system developed by Israeli government owned electronics company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. to protect London’s Gatwick airport.  Deployment of the Drone Dome ended 36-hours in which flights were unable to land or take off at Gatwick airport, due to a rogue drone intruding into the airport’s airspace.

In Depth
Haredim aren’t as poor as you think. Over half of the haredi (ultra-Orthodox Jewish) community lives below the poverty line, the figures say. Despite these stark figures, a paradox exists. Haredim do not consider themselves as poor, nor do they behave that way. 71% of the haredim are satisfied with their economic situation, compared to about 65% of the non-haredi Jews and 53% of the Israeli Arabs.

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