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News From Israel

“News from Israel” presents a compilation of news stories from major Israeli and other publications. To see the source and to read the full story behind a headline, click the hyperlink in the corresponding news item.

No. 88, November 28, 2018 

Inside Israel

More than 400 Gaza rockets launched at Israel earlier this month. Most Israelis in the region near Gaza spent several nights in bomb shelters. Over 100 people were wounded in Israel. The IDF hit 150 targets across Gaza, including sites belonging to Hamas, which rules Gaza, and Islamic Jihad, a smaller terror group. After two days of rockets, a ceasefire with Hamas was achieved, and Army announced ‘return to normalcy’ in the South. Many residents of the Gaza border area protested the casefile, stating that “We cannot accept the continued hopeless reality of life under the threat of terrorism that includes fires, balloons and rockets.” Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman announced his resignation and his Yisrael Beytenu party’s withdrawal from the coalition, saying that ceasefire with Hamas “cannot be interpreted in any way other than a surrender to terror. This will severely harm our security in the long term.” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that he will take over temporarily as Defense Minister.

Reporter reveals lengths Israel goes to avoid harming civilians in Gaza airstrikes. A tweet published by The Daily Telegraph’s Middle East correspondent revealed the lengths the Israeli military went to in order not to harm Palestinian civilians during the surge of violence in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip earlier this month.

Polls show majority of Israelis unhappy with Netanyahu’s handling of Gaza flare-up.According to a poll, 74 percent of Israelis disapproved of how the prime minister dealt with the confrontation with Hamas. In addition, 64 percent were angered about the ceasefire, favoring expanded military operations in Gaza, while only 21 percent said Israel needed to agree to the ceasefire with Hamas.

Vacation rental company Airbnb bans listings in West Bank settlements. Vacation rental operator Airbnb announced it would no longer host listings in Israeli settlements in the West Bank, drawing anger from Israeli leaders. “Airbnb blacklists Jewish apartments in Judea and Samaria – not Palestinian apartments, not apartments in Turkish occupied Cyprus, in Moroccan occupied Sahara, not in Tibet or the Crimea,” former Israel Ambassador to the United States Michael Oren wrote on Twitter.

“Half-shekel” from First Temple era unearthed near City of David. The weight, which has the word “beka” written on it in ancient Hebrew script, has been known to be used as a half-shekel donation for the maintenance of the Holy Temple [Exodus 38:26]. Doron Spielman, vice president of the City of David Foundation said, “This 3,000-year-old beka weight, inscribed with ancient Hebrew … is anchoring once again the deep historical connection of the Jewish people to Jerusalem.”


Netanyahu: European nations should change “one-sided and hostile approach” to Israel. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in Paris, “Israel is Europe’s shield in the Middle East from the spread of Islamist terrorism and without us it would spread….When we protect ourselves, we are also protecting Europe.” Therefore, he suggested, European leaders should “change their approach to us. We certainly have criticism of the one-sided and hostile approach of the European Union to Israel.”

PA court sentences Palestinians to 15 years hard labor for selling land to Jews. A Palestinian Authority court sentenced two Palestinians convicted of selling land to Israeli Jews to 15 years of hard labor. According to Palestinian law, possible punishments for trying to sell or selling land to Israeli Jews include different degrees of hard labor and execution

In first, US to vote against UN resolution condemning Israeli presence in Golan. The United States will for the first time vote against an annual UN resolution calling for Israel to withdraw from the Golan Heights, signifying a dramatic shift in US policy toward the territory. “The resolution is plainly biased against Israel,” outgoing Ambassador Nikki Haley said.

Gas pipeline to connect Israel and Europe. A historic agreement has been reached to lay a gas pipeline connecting Israel and European countries. The pipeline would be the world’s longest and deepest underground gas pipeline and will allow Israel to export gas to the Balkans and Central Europe. Within five years, the gas is supposed to flow through the pipeline and bring huge sums of money into Israel.

A hundred friends. One hundred Christian Zionists visited Israel, led by Pastor John Hagee of Christians United For Israel (CUFI).  While here, they visited the Friends of Zion Museum in Jerusalem where its founder Dr. Mike Evans presented Hagee with an award for his steadfast support of Israel and the Jewish people.

Culture and Lifestyle

Shop, pray, repeat – the emerging synagogue trend in Israeli retail stores. Supermarkets, malls and retail stores across Israel have started a new retail and religious trend: opening synagogues inside the stores themselves. Rami Levy, the first company to start the trend, is the third largest retail supermarket discount chain in Israel. Rami Levy now has 33 synagogues in their stores across the country.

Black Friday is now a thing in Israel. How did this most American of traditions — the door-busting Christmas-season sales that come the day after Thanksgiving — make it to Israel? Blame the internet. Israelis order a ton of merchandise online, and every website they visit is touting Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. If it’s good enough for Americans, it’s good enough for Israelis, right?

In Tel Aviv, a herd of sheep is helping the city bloom. It is morning, and herdsman Asaf Gal is leading his sheep to pasture at Tel Aviv’s Yarkon River Park, accompanied by his two border collies, Chaos and Fauda. Gal whistles and gives orders in two languages. Chaos only takes commands in Hebrew, Gal says, while Fauda understands only when spoken to in British English. There’s little time to waste—the Sheep have work to do. Their job is to help this patch of urban nature bloom again.

Science and Technology

Cars could be powered by water with new Israeli technology. Could cars someday run on water, not oil? Australian-Israeli startup Electriq-Global is giving a wet thumbs-up to a new fuel technology that extracts hydrogen from water and turns that hydrogen into electricity to power the vehicle.

High ambition, low in funding startup plans to build competitively priced flying car. Israel-based startup NFT Inc. is developing a fully electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicle. Simply put, the company is building a flying car. NFT hopes to get an initial prototype in the air as early as next year. NFT plans a fully electric vehicle the size of a big SUV.

Israeli scientists develop implanted organs that won’t be rejected. Breakthrough development uses a patient’s own stomach cells, cutting the risk of an immune response to implanted organs. The new technology makes it possible to engineer any kind of tissue implant, from the spinal cord to the heart, or brain, from one small fatty tissue biopsy.

6 Israeli companies at the forefront of diabetes care, prevention, and treatment. Diabetes and its prevalence in modern society have been sources of major international public health concerns for some time, as health officials worldwide have seen the number of those affected with the chronic disease rise at an alarmingly rapid rate. Israel, an established world leader in the digital tech and medical technology sectors, has quickly emerged as a center for diabetes research and diabetes-related technologies.

In Depth

Hatikva – Israel’s National Anthem. Here is a great site for everything you want to know about Israel’s National Anthem – Hatikva.  It includes Hebrew lyrics with English transliteration and translation, plus links to its historical background and 15 unique videos.

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