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It is an exciting time at Congregation Beth David. We have moved from a traditional “dues model” to a new “Sustaining Contribution Model”

In this model, each spring, every member receives a Pledge Letter  with suggested amounts for dues for the coming fiscal year.  The letter will define the amount necessary to sustain our congregation. Each member then pledges the amount they will pay for the upcoming fiscal year July 1 through June 30.

This contribution model expressly entrusts each and every congregant with the responsibility of sustaining the synagogue. Sustaining the synagogue becomes a choice of tzedaka, instead of a bill. The board, the finance committee and the rabbis place their confidence directly in the hands of our members to sufficiently support the community. Our congregants have been unyielding in their support of our synagogue and synagogue life; we have no doubt that we can rely on this dedication.

Frequently Asked Questions

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