Mishloah Manot 5779

Mishloah Manot

Fantastic Double Mitzvah Opportunity

Deadline to order is March 12th

By supporting our Mishloah Manot Fundraiser, you’ll have the opportunity to fulfill the mitzvah of sending sweets and greetings to other CBD members for Purim, as well as supporting our Religious School, including myuchad, and other unique and distinctive youth programs.

How to Participate

Download order form  and mail your check and form back to the CBD office by March 12th

Order online. Log onto your Charvereweb account and pay by credit card. Be sure to select “donations” tab.

Or call the office at 408-257-3333 for assistance.

Your donation will send greetings and treats to all members, teachers, teen madrikhim, and employees of Beth David.

Pick up bags on:
¨   Wednesday, March 20 at the Megillah readings
¨   Sunday, March 24 at the Purim Carnival
One bag per family/household. Limited bags may be available onsite with donation. Inquire at pick up.

Email Wendy with questions: askenas@beth-david.org

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