Religious School for Youth

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Our religious school experience is for JK-7th graders. The focus is on Hebrew and Judaica curriculums.  

CBD Membership required.

About our Religious School

  • Our students study and experience core essentials of Judaism
  • Provides students with the necessary knowledge and skills for both B’nei Mitzvah and assuming a responsible role as an adult member in our community.

For 3rd – 7th graders

Open to CBD members:

Sunday Program includes Hebrew classes and a Judaica class with different topics depending on grade level.

Open to both CBD members and the Jewish Community:

Wednesday Program includes Hebrew class and one hour of rotating electives every 4-5 weeks.

Where students go to “experience” Judaism.
We want to give every Jewish child an opportunity to experience Judaism in a fun and nurturing learning environment. Some of our most loved activities include cooking, debate class, gardening, mentoring other students, and learning about and celebrating the holidays.

What if I want my child to have a Bar/Bat Mitzvah? 

The child will need to be part of the Religious School program for 3 years, coming once, preferably twice/week.  Transfer students from another Religious or Day School program or with a Hebrew background, will be tested to determine Bar/Bat Mitzvah readiness.  If you would like your child to pursue having a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, please email us.