Hygiene Kit Project for the Homeless

Hygiene Kit Project for the Homeless

The Abrahamic Alliance International (AAi) partner organizations have indicated that the homeless are in great need of hygiene kits during this pandemic in order to stay healthy and minimize the risks of becoming infected with, or spreading, COVID-19.  As such, AAi has asked local congregations to assemble hygiene kits for distributions to shelters and soup kitchens.  CBD’s Tikkun Olum Team (ToT) and CBD Women are participating in the project and are in the process of purchasing the items for the kits.   We ask that you consider making a cash donation to the project.  If you are able to help, please send a check to Beth David made out to Congregation Beth David by June 24.  Please indicate on the check that the funds are for the hygiene kit project.  If you would like bill your Beth David account or pay by credit card, please e-mail Monica Hernandez at hernandez@beth-david.org.

Please contact Sheryl Lewis at sheryl@pacbell.net if you have questions about the project.  Also, a few women have already volunteered to assemble the kits in their homes (we are not gathering in groups to assemble the kits).  Depending on the amount of donations we receive and the number of kits we are able to donate, we may need a couple more volunteers.  Please contact Sheryl if you are interested. 

Abrahamic Alliance International is a charitable, non-profit organization uniting Jews, Christians, and Muslims for active peacebuilding and poverty relief. 

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