EV Charging Stations

EV Charging Stations

Passcode required beginning Monday March 1st

Due to multiple instances of neighbors utilizing our EV charging stations for their cars, the Board of Directors approved the use of a passcode effective March 1. If you intend to use the CBD EV charging stations after March 1, you will need to do the following:

  1. Go to the Apple or Google App store and download the free TurboDock App onto your smart phone.
  2. Contact the office get the passcode. Call 408-257-3333 during business hours.

The passcode is entered via the TurboDock App and communicated to the chargers (names Aleph and Bet) using Bluetooth. For security, we will not publish the passcode. Be sure to call the office as indicated above for the passcode. For more details, look for the article in the March D’var.

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