ELI Talks – Videos – Discussion and Brunch

ELI Talks – Videos – Discussion and Brunch

Sunday September 8
10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

You’ve heard of TED talks, well, there are ELI talks, ELI stands for Religious Engagement, Jewish Literacy and Jewish Identity. Enjoy videos, a moderated discussion and brunch. Please RSVP online or call the office at 408-257-3333. Cost is $5.00

1. Dara Horn, “The Eicha problem (self-blame): what Jews really believe about injustice” (ie. look to Job, instead of Lamentations)
2.Bradley Caro Cook, “Knowing ‘The Way,’ In Appreciation of Halacha” (i.e. Shulchan Orech)
3.Rachel Rubenstein, “Tznius (modesty): The Cover-Up: How do we unlearn assumptions and distortions about sexuality”
4.Rabbi Mark Borovitz, “Learning from the Repentant: (T’shuvah) turning harm into salvation (Jews recovering from addiction and/or incarceration)”

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