CBD Women

CBD Women offers exciting opportunities for women to participate in learning, sharing, prayer and friendship. We hosts programs that celebrate, entertain, inspire and inform women. Our members span all ages, and all levels of involvement; we welcome you to participate in what ever interests you. More information Email

Learn about our Holiday Connect Package Program for Our College Aged Young Adults.

Men’s Club

Men’s Club involves Jewish men in Jewish life. Affiliated with the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs, we focus on camaraderie, learning, and service. Men of all ages are welcome. Events include a monthly nosh and schmooze meeting, sporting and social events, learning opportunities, and projects to support the religious school and congregation as a whole.More information Email

Threads of Tradition

Threads of Tradition is a group of Jewish women who sew tachrichim – Jewish burial garments – for members of the Beth David community. Tachrichim consist of pants, a long shirt, and a head and face covering, made of pure cotton. Doing this work is our way to provide dignity to the deceased and comfort for those who mourn. It helps us fulfill the mitzvah of chesed shel emet—the greatest kindness, the type that cannot be repaid. Sewing burial garments enables us to provide care for those in our community at this important time in the lifecycle. Taking on this work ourselves instead of delegating it to professionals demonstrates the value of participation by lay members in maintaining Jewish traditions and mitzvot. Sewing skill is appreciated, but not required. Threads of Tradition meets three or four times a year, or as needed to maintain a supply of garments.

Jewish Book Group

The Jewish Book Group meets monthly on Shabbat after services and Kiddush luncheon (approximately 1:30 pm). We discuss a variety of fiction and non-fiction books or short stories with Jewish content, selected by our group each year. All adults and teens are welcome to attend. Like to read? Join us!


A havurah is a small community of congregants with similar interests, often at the same stage of life. Havurot can be formed of families, couples, or individuals. The purpose of a havurah is to complement the social, religious, and education activities offered by the synagogue in a comfortable group setting. Each havurah selects its own activities, often one a month. If you would like a smaller circle of friends within the larger Beth David community consider joining a havurah. New havurot are formed on an ongoing basis.

Social Action/Social Justice

Congregation Beth David’s mission includes serving the larger community to fulfill the mitzvah of tikkun olam – making the world a better place. Click here to check out the Tikkun Olam page for information about our Tikkun Olam Team and its many activities!


We Care

We Care helps ensure that Beth David is a caring community by providing short term assistance to members of our community who have suffered a loss, are ill, or are welcoming a new baby. Volunteers who can provide services like meals, rides or making phone calls make it possible for We Care to help.
To volunteer with We Care – send us an email. 

Hiddur Zaken

Project Hiddur Zaken embraces the Torah commandment to honor the elders of our community.  Our “inreach” program matches caring Beth David members to homebound congregants.  Through periodic home visits, volunteers engage with selected congregants, actively listening to their stories and doing what friends do to develop new, mutually fulfilling relationships.  Here is your opportunity to perform a mitzvah that feels good and brighten the life of a member who will thrive from your companionship!

Noten Yad

Noten Yad, Congregation Beth David’s Social Justice Committee, literally means “Give a Hand.”  After identifying issues of concern to our congregants we seek to bring about systemic community changes on these and other issues.  Currently identified areas of concern are senior services and transportation.  Through collaboration with other local faith-based organizations we work with a stronger effort on shared community goals; thus embracing & promoting the core Jewish value of Tikkun Olam.


Hazak is a vibrant special interest group dedicated to serving the social, intellectual, and religious needs of the Beth David 55+ community. Its goal is to promote Judaism through projects and meaningful experiences in and outside the synagogue. Please join us if you’re 55+.