Club Z Partnership with CBD

Club Z Partnership

Club Z’s mission is to create a network of knowledgeable, articulate, and impassioned teens with a commitment to Zionism and Israel. They do this by providing a platform for today’s teens to grow into the best people they can be and connecting them to the story of Israel and their place in that story. CBD is pleased to partner with Club Z in helping to education the next generation of Jewish young adults. View Club Z website

 Club Z will lead the following classes on select Sundays at CBD from 9:45 – 11:00am. All Jewish teens are welcome. Synagogue affiliation not required. 

September 30 Lech Lecha: Who are the Jewish People?
October 14 TBD
October 28 The Birth of Zionism
November 18 TBD
December 9 Abraham In and Out of the Land: the Jewish Diaspora and Anti-Semitism
December 16 The Birth of Modern Israel
January 27 Facing Challenges: Geography, Diversity and Conflict
February 3 Understand the Conflict After 1967
March 3 Peace Gained, Peace Lost: Peace Process Through the Years
March 17 Democracy in Israel? What Does it Mean to be a Jewish and Democratic State
April 28 Is Anti-Zionism Anti- Semitism? Anti-Zionist Narratives
May 5 You in Jewish History: The Land and the People


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