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Logging In


           Each account has ONE password.  If you have a household account, although each member logs in with his/her own email address they share one password.   It is an account password, not a user password.

        Login Errors

Registering / Creating an Account & Logging in for the First Time

New users must register on our portal.  Once registered, the system will send you a ‘Welcome’ message that will contain a link to login and a temporary password.  The password may contain characters that you cannot reproduce by typing – it is meant to be copied and pasted into the password field the first time you login.    


Problems Signing In

·        If you have entered your login and password, and did NOT receive an error – you may have typed too fast.  Try again it WILL work.

·     If we do not have your birthday, the system will not be able to sign you up for age specific events. (Your age will be kept confidential.)

·        If you entered your login and password and received the following message:

Your login attempt was not successful.

Please try again.

Either your login or password is incorrect.


Getting Locked Out

                If you receive and error on login 5 times, you will be locked out of the system.  To remedy this, email and ask to have your password reset.  NOTE: When you do this you will need to notify anyone else logging into your account that the account password has changed.

                Unfortunately, if you are locked out, you will not receive a message stating such – the above error in red will be your only indication.


Yahrzeits are viewable online  – not editable.  To make changes please email Barbara Biran at:

Charging online event registrations to an existing credit on your account.

If you have an existing credit on your account, not from a charitable fund, you may use it to pay for an event with online registration by emailing Monica Hernandez at:

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