Shabbat Bulletin

Parashat Va-etḥanan /Shabbat Nahamu

by Lynn Crocker on August 15, 2019

View Print Bulletin Parashat Va-etḥanan /Shabbat Nahamu 16 Av 5779 / August 17, 2019 Triennial Cycle III: Deut. 5:1-7:11 Ḥumash Etz Ḥayim, page 1015 Haftarah: Isaiah 40:1-26, page 1033 (5:1-18) A recapitulation of the Ten Commandments. (5:19-30) Moses reminds the people of how they begged him in terror to bring them the rest of God’s words. (6:1-3) A warning regarding the... Read more »

Parashat D’varim / Shabbat Ḥazon

by Lynn Crocker on August 8, 2019

View Print Bulletin Parashat D’varim /Shabbat Ḥazon 9 Av 5779 / August 10, 2019Triennial Cycle III: Deuteronomy 2:31-3:22Ḥumash Etz Ḥayim, page 994 Haftarah: Isaiah 1:1-27, page 999 (2:31-3:11) Further review of the history of the desert wanderings, describing the victorious encounters with Sichon king of Cheshbon, and Og king of Bashan, with the emphasis on God. (3:12-22) The division of the... Read more »

Parashat Mattot-Masei

by Lynn Crocker on August 1, 2019

View Print Bulletin Parashat Mattot-Masei 2 Av 5779 / August 3, 2019Triennial Cycle III: Numbers 33:50-36:13Ḥumash Etz Ḥayim, page 957Haftarah: Jeremiah 2:4-28, 3:4, 4:1-2, page 973 (33:50-56) An additional warning to uproot idol worship from Canaan.(34:1-15) Instructions on dividing Canaan among nine and a half tribes.(34:16-29) A list of the tribal heads.(35:1-8) The forty-eight Levite cities.(35:9-34) Laws concerning the cities of... Read more »

Parashat Pinḥas

by Lynn Crocker on July 25, 2019

View Print Bulletin Parashat Pinḥas 24 Tammuz 5779 /July 27, 2019Triennial Cycle III: Numbers 28:16-30:1Ḥumash Etz Ḥayim, page 931 Haftarah: Jeremiah 1:1-2:3, page 968  1.  (28:16-25) The additional sacrifices offered on Passover. This part of the Book of  Numbers details the special sacrifices for various holy days.2.  (28:26-31) The additional sacrifices offered on Shavuot.3.  (29:1-6) The additional sacrifices offered on Rosh Hashanah.4.... Read more »

Parashat Balak

by Lynn Crocker on July 18, 2019

View Print Bulletin Parashat Balak 17 Tammuz, 5779 / July 20, 2019Triennial Cycle III: Numbers 23:27-25:9Ḥumash Etz Ḥayim, page 899Haftarah: Micah 5:6-6:8, page 915 (23:27-24:9) Bilaam makes a third attempt. In this blessing, he says the famous words of the Mah Tovu.(24:10-25) Balak, infuriated, fires Bilaam. Bilaam throws in a fourth blessing, unsolicited, predicting Israel’s conquest of Moab.(25:1-9) The incident at... Read more »

Parashat Ḥukkat

by Lynn Crocker on July 10, 2019

View Print Bulletin Parashat Ḥukkat 10 Tamuz, 5779 / July 13, 2019Triennial Cycle III: Numbers 21:11-22:1Ḥumash Etz Ḥayim, page 890Haftarah: Judges 11:1-33, page 909 (21:11-20) Further stages of the Israelites’ journey through the Transjordan wilderness. The Song of the Well.(21:21-22:1) The conquest of the land of Sichon and Og and all of Transjordan. Special Friday Night ServicesFriday, July 12, 19,... Read more »

Parashat Koraḥ

by Lynn Crocker on July 3, 2019

View Print Bulletin Parashat Koraḥ 3 Tamuz 5779 / July 6, 2019Triennial Cycle III: Numbers 17:25-18:32Ḥumash Etz Ḥayim, page 869Maftir: Numbers 28:9-15, page 929Haftarah: I Samuel 11:14 – 12:22 (17:25-28) Aaron’s staff is left before the Ark as “a lesson to rebels.” (18:1-7) The division of tasks among the Priests and Levites. (18:8-20) Neither Israelites nor the priests will be given... Read more »

Parashat Sh’laḥ L’kha

by Lynn Crocker on June 27, 2019

View Print Bulletin Parashat Sh’laḥ L’kha 26 Sivan, 5779 / June 29, 2019Triennial Cycle III: Numbers 15:8-41Ḥumash Etz Ḥayim, page 851Haftarah: Joshua 2:1-24, page 856 (15:8-16) Laws regarding sacrifices, specifying the amounts of flour and oil required for a grain offering and the measure of wine for the drink offering that accompanied major sacrifices.(15:17-21) The law of hallah. A portion... Read more »

Parashat B’ha-alot’kha

by Lynn Crocker on June 20, 2019

View Print Bulletin Parashat B’ha-alot’kha 19 Sivan , 5779 / June 22, 2019Triennial Cycle III: Numbers 10:35-12:16Ḥumash Etz Ḥayim, page 826Haftarah: Zechariah 2:14-4:7 , page 837 (10:35-36) The two sayings called out by Moses when the Ark traveled.(11:1-15) Two incidents of complaint, the first at Taberah, the second about the monotony of the mannah.(11:16-35) The elders are given a share... Read more »

Parashat Naso

by Lynn Crocker on June 13, 2019

View Print Bulletin Parashat Naso 12 Sivan, 5779 / June 15, 2019Triennial Cycle III: Numbers 7:1-89Ḥumash Etz Ḥayim, page 805Haftarah: Judges 13:2-25, page 812 1.   (Num. 7:1-89) The Nesi’im The chieftains of each of the twelve tribes bring a joint gift, carts and oxen, for the transportation of the Tabernacle when it is disassembled for travel. Then, on 12  consecutive days,... Read more »

Parashat B’midbar

by Lynn Crocker on June 6, 2019

View Print Bulletin Parashat B’midbar 5 Sivan, 5779 / June 8, 2019Triennial Cycle III: Numbers 3:14-4:20Ḥumash Etz Ḥayim, page 779Haftarah: Hosea 2:1-22, page 786 Special Friday Night ServicesFriday, June 7, 6:00 p.m.Jewish Community Pride Shabbat  at Shir Hadash (No services at CBD)Friday, June 14, 6:30 p.m. Kabbalat Shabbat at CBD AnnouncementsNo Minyan Sunday, June 9 & Monday, June 10 – ... Read more »

Parashat Beḥukotai

by Lynn Crocker on May 30, 2019

View Print Bulletin Parashat Beḥukotai 27 Iyar, 5779 / June 1, 2019Triennial Cycle III: Lev. 27:1-34Ḥumash Etz Ḥayim, page 753Haftarah: Jeremiah 16:19-17:14, page 762 We stand as the last verse of the Book of Leviticus is chanted. At the completion of the reading we chant: ḥazak, ḥazak v’nit-ḥazaik — “Be strong, be strong and let us be strengthened.” Professor Baruch Levine... Read more »

Parashat Behar

by Lynn Crocker on May 23, 2019

Parashat Behar View Print Bulletin 20 Iyar, 5779 / May 25, 2019Triennial Cycle III: Lev. 25:29-26:2Ḥumash Etz Ḥayim, page 742Haftarah: Jeremiah 32:6-27, page 759 (25:29-14) Laws related to the Jubilee year, which came every 50 years, when all land is returned to its original owners. (25:35-38) The commandment to help an Israelite or resident alien who becomes impoverished, by loaning him... Read more »

Parashat Emor

by Lynn Crocker on May 21, 2019

Parashat Emor View Bulletin 13 Iyar, 5779 / May 18, 2019Triennial Cycle III: Lev. 23:23-24:23Ḥumash Etz Ḥayim, page 727Haftarah: Ezekiel 44:15-31, page 735 Chapter 23 is called Seder Ha-Moa’dim — the Order of the Festivals (23:23-32) “The Day of Remembering the Shofar’s Sound”: Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. (23:33-34) The laws concerning the holiday of Sukkot. (24:1-4) The Eternal Light. (24:5-9)... Read more »

Parashat Kedoshim

by Lynn Crocker on May 9, 2019

Parashat Kedoshim View Print Bulletin 6 Iyyar 5779 / May 11, 2019Triennial Cycle III: Lev. 19:15-20:27Ḥumash Etz Ḥayim, page 696Haftarah: Amos 9:7-15, page 705 1.(19:15-22) Miscellaneous mitzvot that express the overall theme of this Torah portion, including just judicial proceedings and love of one’s neighbor.2.         (19:23-25) The laws of orlah, prohibiting the use of a tree’s produce until its fourth year... Read more »

Parashat Aḥarei Mot/Maḥar Ḥodesh

by Lynn Crocker on May 2, 2019

Parashat Aḥarei Mot/Maḥar Ḥodesh View Print Bulletin 29 Nissan, 5779 / May 4,  2019Triennial Cycle III: Lev. 16:1-34 Ḥumash Etz Ḥayim pg 679 Haftarah: 1 Samuel 20:18-42, page 1216 (16:1-28) The order of worship on Yom Kippur, beginning with instructions to the High Priest about his entry into the Holy of Holies, and the sacrifices for that day. Most notable... Read more »

Shabbat Pesaḥ – Yizkor

by Lynn Crocker on April 30, 2019

Shabbat Pesaḥ – Yizkor 22 Nissan, 5779/April 27, 2019Deuteronomy 14:22 – 16:17Ḥumash Etz Ḥayim, page 1074Maftir: Numbers 28:19-25, page 932Haftarah: Isaiah 10:32-12:6, page 1316 View Print Bulletin (14:22-29) The laws of the second tithe.(15:1-6) The laws of the sabbatical year, including cancelling of debts and the release of slaves.(15:7-11) The laws of tzedakah and helping  the poor. (15:12-18) The laws... Read more »

Shabbat Pesaḥ – Day 1

by Lynn Crocker on April 18, 2019

Shabbat Pesaḥ – Day 1 15 Nissan, 5779/April 20, 2019Exodus 12:21 – 12:51Ḥumash Etz Ḥayim, page 385Maftir: Numbers 28:16-25, page 931Haftarah: Joshua 3:5-7; 5:2 – 6:1; 6:27, page 1299 (12:21-28) Moses and Aaron transmit the Passover commandments to the people. (12:29-36) The first-born of Egypt all die, and the Egyptians capitulate. The Israelites prepare to leave.(12:37-42) The Exodus from Egypt(12:43-51)... Read more »

Parasha Metsora – Shabbat HaGadol

by Lynn Crocker on April 9, 2019

Parasha Metsora – Shabbat HaGadol 8 Nissan 5779 / April 13, 2019(Metsora) Triennial Cycle III: Lev. 14:33-15:33Ḥumash Etz Ḥayim, page 663Haftarah: Malakhi 3:4-24; repeat verse 23, page 1296 (14:33-53) The law of tzara’at on a house(14:53-57) A summary of chapters 13-14(15:1-33) This chapter describes the rules governing discharges of various bodily fluids and their effect on the ritual purity of the... Read more »

Parashat Tazria/Shabbat Ha-Ḥodesh/Rosh Ḥodesh

by Lynn Crocker on April 4, 2019

Parashat Tazria/Shabbat Ha-Ḥodesh/Rosh Ḥodesh 1 Nissan 5779 / April 6, 2019(Tazria) Triennial Cycle III: Lev. 12:1-13:28; Ḥumash Etz Ḥayim, page 649(Rosh Ḥodesh) Numbers 28:9-15, page 930(Shabbat HaḤodesh) Exodus 12:1-20, page 380Haftarah: Ezekiel 45:16-46:18 (13:29-39) Laws regarding tzara’at [skin disease, sometimes (inaccurately) translated as “leprosy”]. If judged by the priest to have this affliction, the person had to be declared unclean and... Read more »

Parashat Shemini

by Lynn Crocker on March 28, 2019

Parashat Shemini/Shabbat Parah 23 Adar II, 5779 / March 30, 2019Triennial Cycle III: Lev. 11:1-47Ḥumash Etz Ḥayim, page 636; Maftir: Numbers 19:1-22; p. 880Haftarah: Ezekiel 36:16-38, p. 1287 1. (1:1-12) The signs of kashrut for land animals, and sea creatures.2. (11:13-23) A list of forbidden birds. Forbidden and permitted insects.3. (11:24-47) A list of animals whose carcasses can cause ritual defilement, and the laws... Read more »

Parashat Tzav

by Lynn Crocker on March 21, 2019

Parashat Tzav 16 Adar II, 5779 / March 23, 2019 Triennial Cycle III: Leviticus 8:1-36Ḥumash Etz Ḥayim, page 621Haftarah: Jeremiah 7:21-8:3; 9:22-23, page 627 (8:1-36) The ceremony installing Aaron and his sons as priests, and the ritual of initiation into their new holy vocation. View Print Bulletin Saturday, March 23Approachable Torah with Rabbi Berkowitz10:15 – 11:30 a.m. Saturday, March 23Tot Shabbat11:00 a.m.... Read more »

Parashat Va-yikra / Shabbat Zakhor

by Lynn Crocker on March 14, 2019

Parashat Va-yikra / Shabbat Zakhor 9 Adar II, 5779 / March 16, 2019Triennial Cycle III: Leviticus 4:27-5:26Ḥumash Etz Ḥayim, page 599Maftir: Deuteronomy 25:17-19, page 1135Haftarah: 1 Samuel 15:2-34, page 1281 (4:27-35) Sin-offerings for the individual. A sin-offering was given for sins committed accidentally or unknowingly. (5:1-26) Asham. The guilt-offering. A guilt-offering was given when one was uncertain whether one had offended,... Read more »

Parashat P’kudei

by Lynn Crocker on March 7, 2019

Parashat P’kudei 2 Adar II, 5779 / March 9, 2019Triennial Cycle III: Exodus 39:22-40:38; Ḥumash Etz Ḥayim, page 567Haftarah: 1 Kings 7:51-8:21, page 574 View Print Bulletin Today we will complete the triennial cycle of reading the Book of Exodus. We will rise and chant: Hazak hazak v’nithazek—Be strong, be strong and let us be strengthened. 1.     (39:22-31) A description of... Read more »

Parashat Vayakhel – Shabbat Shekalim

by Lynn Crocker on February 28, 2019

Parashat Vayakhel – Shabbat Shekalim View Print Bulletin 25 Adar I, 5779 / March 2, 2019Triennial Cycle III: Exodus 35:1-36:19; Ḥumash Etz Ḥayim, page 552Maftir: Exodus 30:11-16 p. 523Haftarah: 2 Kings 12:1-17, page 1277 (35:1-5) An additional warning about observing the Shabbat.(35:4-20) God instructs Moses to collect all the contributions and get ready to build the Mishkan (Tabernacle).(35:21-29) The people of... Read more »