Bylaws Amendment Informational Meeting – December 2

Bylaws Changes and Contracts

The Board is submitting to the Congregation some Bylaws amendments that are summarized below. Our Parlimentarian, Michael Leitner, will hold a Bylaws Amendment Informational Meeting on December 2 at 10am if you would like to learn more or have questions in advance of the Annual Meeting on December 9th at 10am.

Email notification
The email notification topic is technical, but very important. Our current bylaws stipulate that many notices be sent via regular mail.  Many organizations have adopted electronic delivery (e.g., email) as an acceptable method of notice, and limited provision was included for some electronic notices in our current bylaws.  If adopted, the proposed amendment would allow members to elect electronic notice in lieu of notice by regular mail for all meetings.  However, some notice provisions, such as revocation of membership privileges, will still be delivered by regular mail. Also note that the default for official notice will still be regular mail, unless the member requests electronic notification. So nobody will be forced to receive email instead of U.S. mail notifications, it’s something they need to choose.

Rabbinic contracts – By-law change
During our search for our new Rabbi, both the Search Committee and the Pulpit Committee came to learn that three year contracts have become the recommended minimum duration as a first contract for new clergy in a Congregation. In contrast, our Bylaws allow only a 2-year first contract.  Also, our current limit of 6 years on subsequent contracts causes issues related to the timing of sabbaticals, which are traditionally given every 7 years.  These amendments do not require that the longer term contracts be given, but allow the Congregation the flexibility to do so.  The Congregation needs the flexibility to do what is best for itself and its Rabbi. To provide for this flexibility, a motion will be presented to the Congregation to amend the bylaws to allow for a maximum 3 year initial contract and maximum 7 year subsequent contracts for clergy.

Rabbinic contract with Rabbi Alpert
We were only able to contract with Rabbi Alpert for 2-years due to our current Bylaws restrictions. Our Bylaws require a decision be made about her renewal 9 months before contract completion. This means that in less than 11 months from the Annual Meeting, and only days after Simchat Torah 2019, both the Congregation and Rabbi Alpert would need to decide if we want to renew her contract and enter into a long term arrangement. The Board of Directors recommends that we extend Rabbi Alpert’s current contract by one year, so the Congregation and Rabbi Alpert will both have had 2 full years together before reaching the next contract renewal discussions. Therefore, a motion will be presented to the Congregation to approve a one year extension of our current contract with Rabbi Jaymee Alpert. This motion would extend the current two year agreement to a three year agreement ending July 31, 2021.

Information in this post was published in the President’s Perspective of the November issue of D’var Download PDF 


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