Why I Joined Relay for Life By Bonnie Hirsch

Why I Joined Relay for Life

By Bonnie Hirsch

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Cancer has become our silent stalker, the hidden enemy that lurks in the shadows and waits to rear its ugly head.  When I last wrote, it had changed my family’s life and forced us to create a new normal when my mother, Sandy, was diagnosed with Stage 4 ovarian cancer 3 years ago. After surgery and chemotherapy, it disappeared. We knew it was looming in the background, waiting for the right opportunity to reappear. The anticipation of the cancer’s return is the worst part, the sense of dread and powerlessness to stop it. When it did return a year later, we at least possessed the knowledge and arsenal to fight it! I began my journey as her support with my first Relay for life walk right after she was diagnosed.  I found it so rewarding being with others who have or are going through the same challenges that we are and having the opportunity to remember those that we have lost or are fighting the good fight once again.

Now with my 3rd walk with Relay for Life on the horizon, my mother is once again in the fight for her life.  Chemo this time is keeping her numbers down and because she is able to cope so well with the chemo and has very few side effects, she is still enjoying doing all the things that she loves to do, but is it affecting us?  Yes!  Do we have to change how we do things especially in this time of Covid?  Yes!  Are we finding ways to be there for her through her struggles and on her own?  Yes!

Although called by many names: GGma, Grandma, Mother and Aunt, underneath it all Sandy is a true fighter. Her impact has been felt by many and she remains the foundation of our family.  She is a great example to those around her who have watched her bravely and stoically battle this silent enemy, never letting it affect her daily life. This fight is a team effort. As a supporter, you give her, our family, and those on the front lines of cancer research the tools and knowledge necessary to keep the upper hand against cancer. You are our true heroes and we couldn’t do it without you. We can keep strong because we know that you, our friends and family, are there with us.  Keep up the good work and we will continue with ours!  We can’t thank you enough!

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