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At Congregation Beth David we extend a warm welcome to everyone – families, singles, seniors, young adults, interfaith couples, and members of the LGBTQ+ community.  Our spiritual home is open to anyone who is interested in celebrating, exploring, and growing in their Jewish faith in any dimension, from attending our traditional and alternative Shabbat services to religious study programs, concerts, lectures and more.  Our members come from throughout the South Bay and beyond. We so look forward to meeting you soon, and until then, Shalom!

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Jaymee Alpert

Moses’ “I Give Up” Moment

July 1, 2020

6.27.20. Korach. Moses’ “I Give Up” Moment This morning, we read from the parashah entitled Korach.  Korach is a rabble-rouser who sees himself as equal to Moses and Aaron.  Korach stages a rebellion, he is outspoken and arrogant; he doesn’t handle himself in a respectful way, but he does raise some good points.  And in fact, there is a bit of uncertainty around Korach. From the Torah text alone, it is hard to know exactly what Korach’s crime is – is it that he thinks he is as important as Moses and Aaron?  Is it that he believes the whole nation is already holy and doesn’t need to keep working toward holiness?  Is it that he challenges Moses in public?  We don’t really know. Even Korach’s death is complicated.  Some […]

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~ Rabbi Jaymee Alpert