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Jaymee Alpert

Reinvigorating Friday Night Services

June 5, 2019

In my very first D’var article, one year ago, I shared one of my favorite liturgical passages.  It is the one I use as both a reminder and a guide that every day, we are granted a new beginning.  Each morning before the Shema, we say “u’v’tuvo m’chadesh b’chol yom tamid ma’aseh v’reisheet – Day after day in God’s goodness God renews creation.”  If we believe that we are created in God’s image, and if God renews creation every day, it follows that we also have the ability to renew and to create. I have been reflecting on this passage quite often over the last year, both personally, as Danny and I have begun to create our lives on the West Coast, and professionally.  Over the last year, I have […]

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~ Rabbi Jaymee Alpert