Sunday Seminar: The Jewish Revolts Against the Romans – March 9, 2014

10:30a.m – 12:30 p.m.

377Dr. Jonathan Roth, a Professor in the History Department at San Jose State University, discuses Jewish revolts against the Romans. From the First Century BCE to the Second Century CE, there were several Jewish revolts against Roman rule.

The three majors revolts were the Great Revolt (66-73), War of Kitos (or Quietus) around 100, and Bar Kokhva Revolt (132-135). Dr. Roth discusses Jewish insurgency and Roman counter-insurgency, focusing on military aspects of revolts. He also touches on how Jewish nationalism and religion changed, until the relationship with the Romans (and later rulers) culminated with the Talmudic concept of “Dina d’malchuta dina” (“The law of the land is the law.”). That is, God’s law requires obedience to the secular authorities. A small donation to Adult Education is requested at this presentation. Email Adult Ed for more information.

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