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Sponsor Kiddish Lunch

One of the best parts of Congregation Beth David is sharing a meal together following Shabbat morning services at Kiddush lunch. People gather in groups small and large, share stories, laugh, joke, and meet new people, welcoming them. Kiddush helps us build the connections that make Beth David a strong, vibrant community. By sponsoring a Kiddush, you participate in supporting and fostering that sense of community. Many weeks of the year, we are blessed to have a sponsored Kiddush lunch. However, there are just as many weeks that are not sponsored. We need your help! You can honor someone, remember someone, celebrate a simcha, or put together a group who all have something in common (for example, “Sharks fans”) to sponsor the Kiddush.

Our regular Shabbat kiddush based on 120 congregants is $1440. Not able to sponsor completely? We welcome co-sponsors with donations from $180 on up!

If you are interested in sponsoring, or co-sponsoring the Shabbat Kiddush please contact our Ritual Director Barbara Biran at 408-366-9106 or email to select a date. Your sponsorship will be listed on our enewsletter, in our Shabbat bulletin and announced from the Bimah.

There are lots of reasons to sponsor a Kiddush. What are yours?

Contributions to the Kiddush Fund are also always welcome to assist in underwriting Kiddush luncheons on those Shabbats not sponsored by someone our community.

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