Sedar Matching 5779


The first Seder is Monday, April 19 and the second one is Tuesday, April 20.Sharing your seder table with others is not only fun, but enables you, the host to fulfill the Mitzvah of Hakhnasat Orim, welcoming guestsThe Mitzvah of Hakhnasat Orhim instills the Middah (virture) of HospitalityHakhnasat Orim also reminds us that since “we were strangers in Egypt,” we have a special obligation to show hospitality to others and to unite as a community.  We are eager to find matches for those with space at their seder table and those eager to share that space, show hospitality towards others, and help to build our community. Please fill out the form below and return it to the Beth David office as soon as possible, ensuring that, once again, there will be a “SEDER FOR ALL”.  We are especially in need of hosts!

If you’re interested in hosting please download form

Email to Barbara Biran by April 5th.

You can also mail the form to Congregation Beth David, 19700 Prospect Road, Saratoga, CA 95070.

1) Which night(s) you’re willing to host

2) How many people you’re willing to host

3) Where your Seder is located

4) Best way for someone to contact you

If you’re looking for a Seder to attend please email Barbara Biran with the following information by April 3rd

1) What night(s) you’re looking to be hosted

2) How many people are in your party

3) What area/cities you’d prefer

4) Best way for someone to contact you

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