Rabbi Search Committee Information and Updates

Fellow Congregants,

Yesterday our Rabbi Search Committee held an open meeting with the Congregation. The committee received over two hours of input from the Congregation on the candidates, as one congregant after another approached the microphones and provided their points of view. When everyone present who wanted to speak had spoken, the meeting was adjourned.

The Rabbi Search Committee reconvened that afternoon, deliberated, and reached a consensus based on all the Congregation’s input and all other information which they had access to. They presented their recommendation to the Board of Directors at last night’s board meeting. They recommended the board forward the nomination of Rabbi Jaymee Alpert for the vote by the Congregation. After an hour of questions and discussion about the process followed and the steps taken as part of the committee’s diligence, the Board of Directors voted unanimously to forward this nomination to the Congregation for your vote.

The meeting will be Sunday, March 25th, at 10:15am in the Main Sanctuary. The only item on the agenda is this vote, so please make time to attend. We need 75 members present for a quorum. At least 2/3rds vote of all ballots cast must be in favor for Rabbi Alpert to be selected and the Pulpit Committee to start formal negotiations.

If you need an absentee ballot, contact the main office at (408)257-3333 as soon as possible to insure timely submission.

Whenever there is a difficult choice to be made, not everyone gets quite what they wanted. However, everyone’s input and all available information has been thoughtfully considered, and the Search Committee has done what seems best for the Congregation as a whole. The Board unanimously voted to send it on to you, so I hope all of you can now come together to support this new rabbi to lead the next chapter of Congregation Beth David’s story.

Our future is in your hands. See you Sunday.


Bill Beyda

President, Congregation Beth David