Relay For Life of Campbell – July 14 – 15th

CBD Is Joining the American Cancer Society Relay For Life
In memory of Sandy Mayer

Where:  Campbell Community Center Track Field, 1 w. Campbell Ave.
When:   Saturday, July 14th  to Sunday July 15th 10:00 a.m.
* Join us for Havdallah at 10:00 p.m.

CBD Team Sandy is participating in Relay for Life of Campbell on July 14th and we’d love to have you join or help our team in some way. You can officially join the team and fundraise individually, walk with us on the track (need to have walkers on the track throughout the night), join us for Havdallah at 10pm (following the Luminaria ceremony), and/or help us reach our goal of raising $5500 for American Cancer Society by contributing in one of the many ways below.

You can help in the following ways:

  • Make a direct donation to the team or individual participant. Click here
  • Dedicate a Luminaria bag for $10-15: Click here  
  • Donate a gently used purse or wallet for our onsite fundraiser. Being collected at CBD from June 20th -July 11th

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Team Sandy’s co-captains: Lori Kahn or Sarah Hanuka

Why Bonnie Hirsch Participates 
​Things can change in the blink of an eye.  You don’t ever really think that will happen (though we all know that it will), but it does and to the best of us and never when we are ready.

On a Friday at the beginning of April, right after Pesach, my mother was doing her usual million things that she does every day, and by Sunday, she was in the hospital unable to breathe and our lives changed.  We were unprepared to have our roles reversed.  We all know that it can happen, but until it does, you don’t really know how that feels. We had become her caregivers.

We are calling this the new “normal”.  That’s what happens when that cancer diagnosis occurs.  Not only do you have to deal with all the feelings that go along with the word cancer and we are talking the big Stage 4, but you have to deal with a complete change in that person. Whether it is due to all the procedures and surgeries that they must tolerate to get the “official” diagnosis, to the many doctors and appointments that they must keep track of and, of course we have to add in the Chemotherapy that needs to be relied on to hopefully give us more time to spend together. It feels to us and to Mom that she now has the fulltime job of being sick.  And boy is it a job!!

Why am I walking on Team Sandy x 2 for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life? I am walking so that someday this will be an easier process, that there will be better tools for diagnosis and treatment and that there will be a cure for cancer, so that no one has to go through what we are going through now.

Cancer has brought us together as a family and as a community and however you want to support us in reaching these goals is much appreciated.  Life changes, but it is what we do with those changes that makes us stronger.

Why Lori Kahn Participates
I’m the co-captain for CBD Team Sandy (Campbell Relay for Life team) and this will be my 7th year participating in American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life in Campbell. I first started walking for Relay for Life in 2012 after losing my friend Samantha Fagin earlier that year to breast cancer.   She was my concert and theater going friend that I met at Beth David through Zhavah and then we were in a Havurah together (she left three young children behind!). It broke my heart to know that she’ll never get to see her kids grow up to be adults (and her 3 year old daughter will probably not remember her as a mother).  She was a loyal friend and a dedicated mother and I admired her strength and dedication to hang on till the bitter end.It was for this reason I first started a Relay for Life team at Beth David and we were called Team Samantha.  The team consisted mostly of members from Zhavah, where I first met Samantha.  As team captain I encouraged the team to fundraise and we held some team fundraisers before the event.  At the event, we created a Rock ’n Roll theme in honor of Samantha where we sold used CDs, inspiration rocks, and ‘one of kind’ copper necklaces made by one of the team members.  As a newer member to CBD, I got to know so many other members.  And the event itself was very moving and therapeutic for me as I mourned Samantha’s loss. I really liked the format of celebrating/honoring survivors in the morning, remembering our loved ones at night with luminaria, and fighting back against cancer through onsite fundraising during the day, learning prevention against cancer, and maintaining solidarity with a cancer fighter by keeping a teammate walking around the track for the 24 hour period.Since 2012, I’ve continued to participate in Relay for Life either on a Beth David team or with my kids’ school team.  Unfortunately I’ve had to say goodbye to more people who lost their battle to cancer over the years, but I’ve also known others (including my brother ’n law) who’ve been treated for cancer and beat it.

At CBD our team is now called Team Sandy in honor of Sandy Mayer who died last year.  This year I dedicate my walking to Susan Gavens who lost her life to pancreatic cancer last March.  She was an incredible woman highly dedicated to volunteerism particularly for CBD and for the Jewish Federation of Silicon Valley. I didn’t know her that well, but from what interaction I had with her I found her to be extremely kind and warm. As our community still mourns her loss I invite you to join our team for Havdallah and stay for the Luminaria ceremony immediately following.  Luminaria bags are decorated and placed around the track in memory of someone we’ve lost to cancer (or in honor of someone currently fighting it).   Let’s continue to honor Sandy’s memory and now Susan’s memory as we continue to make a meaningful difference in the fight against cancer.

In summary, I relay because I continue to CELEBRATE survivors of cancer, REMEMBER those who lost their battle, and FIGHT BACK against all future diagnoses of cancer.

Please consider joining our team or making a donation to help the American Cancer Society create a world with less cancer and more birthdays.

Why Sarah Hanuka Participates
Last year I participated in the Relay for Life in Campbell for the first time. It changed my life! As a stage 3 breast cancer survivor, I was busy and scared at the same time to get involved with anything that had the word “Cancer” in it.

My journey has been long, hard, and personal. When Lori Kahn asked me to join and be a co-captain of a team with her, I dared for the first time to look at the bigger picture beside my own. Relay for Life is meant to remember and also celebrate life. For me, it was the first time that I used the word survivor! Not sick, not in remission, but alive! I felt both empowered and responsible to make sure I did everything I could to help cancer research and finding a cure.

The event itself and the activities leading to it are extraordinary! I met people from all walks of life who came together to help save lives in any way they could. I met families who lost their relatives and friends in this difficult battle. I remembered my mom who lost her battle when I was 12 years old. I also met survivors like me who are stronger and more confident because they battled cancer and won. I met a staff of people that are dedicated to helping survivors in any way possible. Their work, support, and spirit are remarkable. The event itself is a unique combination of activities where people can party, walk, do good deeds, and shop. A real win!

The challenging part is the fundraising. It is trying to collect dollars in numbers that make a difference. It is hard and requires effort to build relationships. Our team CBD Sandy did good last year. We collected over $5000 to help find a cure for cancer. In addition, we made friends for life and walked off many calories!

I am writing to ask you all to help us exceed our goal this year. Join our team and walk with us on July 14 and 15 as much as you can. Donate to the American Cancer Society in honor of our team. This year we are sad to add the names of more wonderful people and community leaders, such as Susan Gavens, who fought so hard and will be remembered through our deeds and our donations.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me: or at the office 408-257-3333. Thank You! I hope you will support this vital cause! — Sarah Hanuka

You can help in the following ways:

Join Team Sandy! Click here

Make a donation: Click here  

Dedicate a Luminaria: Click here  

Download a supporter form 



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